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BPRD: Vampire #1 Review

BPRD Vampire 001

BPRD: Vampire #1 is the second outing for Brazilian brothers Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon into the world of Hellboy and the Burea of Paranormal Research and Defense. This time the award-winning artists also turn their focus to co-writing duties with series creator Mike Mignola. Penning the tale of B.P.R.D. Agent Anders, a man deeply scarred by vampiric horrors.

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Hellboy in Hell #4 Review

Hellboy in Hell 004-000

Hellboy in Hell #4 by Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart is the final chapter in the first arc of a new chapter in the Hellboy mythos.

Reeling from his tour of hell and the bloodshed so far Mignola finally gives Hellboy a chance to catch his breath since his death plunged him into the depths of the underworld and Big Red is left to wonder what’s next in this period of his “life”.

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