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East of West #1 Review


Three children with gurgling and bubbling flesh rise with crackling energy from the earth. As bones knit and skin coalesces a subdued bemusement spreads across their faces. Three of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are without their Death. They’re only choice? Find him and kill.

East of West by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta immediately forges itself as a comic hinting at the familiar before delving far into the bold and different. This off-number group of apocalyptic heralds is born into a world seemingly like our own world, to a point. The American Civil War to be precise. It was as this time that a Native American empire was forged to rival the Union and Confederacy.  A 3-part prophecy arose in disparate cultures. A stone missile from the heavens ravaged the lands. This is not our world in short. Continue reading


The Manhattan Projects #10 Review

The Manhattan Projects cover

The Manhattan Projects #10 by Jonathan Hickman, Jordie Bellaire and Ryan Browne, who is filling in for series regular Nick Pitarra, drops us into the headspace of the deranged Joseph Oppenheimer. As the fictional twin of Robert Oppenheimer, his fraternal love drives him to devour the eternal soul of his brother who finds himself awakening in the vast landscape of Joseph’s twisted mind.

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